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Class Action Lawsuit Links Facebook Privacy Policy to Chronic Wasting Disease

Lawyers in Connecticut have filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook alleging that the social media giant’s privacy policy has led to an increase in chronic wasting disease and other serious physical ailments and illnesses. It is the first class action against Facebook to link its controversial privacy provisions to the growth of chronic wasting disease, which generally only affects deer and elk.

Lawyers filed the case on behalf of 3,200 hunters in Connecticut whose hunting season may be diminished by the spread of CWS, a transmissible neurological disease of deer and elk that produces small lesions in brains of the infected animals. The case, filed in federal court, alleges that “upon information and belief, deer and elk in the southeastern portion of Connecticut have been infected with chronic wasting disease after data from Facebook was shared with hundreds of thousands of online marketers and applications.”

It’s not clear how Facebook is linked to CWS but lawyers close to the case said ¬†they “don’t care a whit about any link. Facebook’s privacy policy sucks. It’s dangerous. It’s no wonder deer and elk are dying.” Lawyers on the case say they are also investigating similar claims that the Facebook privacy policy has caused an increase in reports of flesh-eating disease, or necrotizing fascitis, a rare skin infection.

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