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Workers Complain about Lawyer’s ‘Dull and Endless’ Elevator Speech

Workers and professionals in the Chrysler Building in New York have stepped up complaints to building management about a lawyer’s elevator speech that allegedly “drones on and on” and has “no real charisma or staying power,” according to police and witnesses.

Jackson T. Semplar, Jr., an ERISA attorney with the New York law firm of Semplar and Studemeier, regularly rides up and down the building’s elevators speaking about ERISA law and plan administration issues. “It’s torture,” said one office worker who declined to be identified. “You can only hear about that stuff so much.”

Another tenant in the building said she now regularly avoids the elevators and walks 28 stories to her office each morning. “Sure, I like to hear speeches now and then,” said Carol Mallory, “but his delivery is just so dry, and he goes on a bit too long. He’s no Colin Firth.”

Semplar is well known for his speaking engagements on ERISA issues, having provided elevator speeches across the country on such issues. At a recent national ERISA conference in Chicago, one of the plenary sessions included Semplar and attendees riding the elevator in the John Hancock Center as he spoke aboutĀ self-insuredĀ ERISA plan claims and subrogation. Attendees received 1.0 CLE credits for the session.

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