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Al Gore to Intervene in Rakofsky v. Internet Case

Al Gore reportedly will intervene in a lawsuit between a criminal defense lawyer and a group of bloggers who are now calling themselves “the internet,” sources close to the former vice president said.

The lawsuit, Rakofsky v. The Internet, involves criminal defense attorney Joseph Rakofsky, who did some stupid things recently and then sued a bunch of people about it.

Former Vice President Gore, however, is said to be “frustrated” by the reference to “the internet” in descriptions of the case, presumably stating that he was not referred to in the lawsuit nor named as a party.

“Honestly, this Rakofksy guy names Mace Yampolsky but forgets to name Al Gore?” said a source close to Gore, who declined to be named. “Yampolsky? I mean, what the hell did he do for the internet?”

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