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Woman Sues White Castle, Claiming “I Can’t Reach My Sliders”

A woman in New York has sued the hamburger franchise White Castle for disability discrimination, claiming that recent changes to the seating design in one of the chain’s restaurants left her “unable to reach my sliders.”

The suit comes less than one week after a New York stockbroker also sued the chain, claiming that he could no longer fit in the booths at one restaurant because he had been eating White Castle cheeseburgers since 1959. In the lastest case, Amanda P. Hutchins, a secretary for a Poughkeepsie-based insurance company, claims that White Castle has moved its booth seating “too far back from the tables to accommodate fat people, resulting in regular-armed and thin people like me from being unable to reach ┬ámy sliders.” Hutchins is seeking an injunction against the chain to prevent further movement of any restaurant seating arrangements.

“Honestly, I’ve been coming to White Castle for ten years and I have always been able to reach the table to dip my cheese fries in ketchup,” said Hutchins. “But now, I come close to falling over and could easily bump my head on the table in front of me. It’s terrifying, it’s like I’m hanging over the Grand Canyon, except the Grand Canyon is in Montana!” Hutchins said that she now feels “like an outcast, like they are saying ‘grow some arms, lady.’ But I have normal arms. I knit and attend Knicks and Nets games!”

White Castle could not be reached for comment.

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