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New ‘DeVry Comma’ Can be Used Anytime, Anywhere

Scholars at a for-profit educational institution in Florida have rolled out the new ‘DeVry Comma,’ which they say can be used “anytime and anywhere” in written manuscripts and even in legal pleadings and contracts.

“It’s a lot more convenient, easier to use,” said Charles K. Schmidt, a part-time art teacher at DeVry’s Miramar Campus in Miramar, Florida. “Unlike the Oxford Comma, you really cannot make a mistake in using the DeVry. It essentially eliminates any need for clarity.”

Legal scholars were quick to condemn the new comma, saying it would cause “needless confusion, obfuscation and iffiness on the part of attorneys, their heirs, assigns, and clients,” said Angela Kramer, a known legal scholar. “The standard is the Oxford Comma and that will continue to be the standard.”

Other attorneys were less quick to condemn the new comma, saying its increased use could be good for new business.

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