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Lawyers Named Brian Now Outnumber Those Named Bob

A lawyer’s demography group has released startling news that lawyers named Brian in the U.S. now outnumber those who are named Bob. The news has prompted changes in some law firm practices where a common refrain “what’s Bob think?” is being replaced with “how does Brian feel about this?” or the more colloquial “what’s up, Brian?”

It is also prompting some appellate practice attorneys to rephrase the current comment that “not every Tom, Dick, and Harry know about this law” to the more modern “I’d be shocked if most Brians know how to interpret this provision.”

Brian was  in the top ten of male names in the U.S. for most of the 1970s, said the World Lawyers Demography Institute report, resulting in hundreds of Brians going to law school in the late 199os and early 21st century. With Bobs now dying off or being disbarred, Brian has claimed the top lawyer name spot for the first time.

There were no general changes in the most common names for female attorneys, though Jessica has shot up the list recently and may threaten Nancy for the top spot in a few years.


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