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Effin Lawyers Get Involved in Facebook’s Effin Glitch

A prominent Effin law firm that includes two respected Effin lawyers has indicated it will represent Effin in the Irish town’s difficulty in registering for a community page on Facebook, sources close to the Effin-Facebook dispute have reported.

According to a spokesperson, Facebook has blocked Effin residents from registering the town on the social media site, apparently citing community standards.

“Great, it’s about time we called in one of our Effin lawyers to fix Facebook’s Effin problem,” said Seamus Kennelly, one of five Effin town constables. “I’m a proud member of this Effin community and Facebook needs to recognize our Effin heritage and pride. It’s Effin time, if you ask me.”

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  1. Ann marie kennedy says:

    Please get your “effin” facts correct.
    1 we do not have effin lawyer
    2 we do not have effin constables
    3 name is incorrectly quoted

    Facebook still looking into the effin problem

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