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1Ls Agree: Prof’s Property Exam “Fell Flat, Lacked Narrative Heft”

A 1L at Suffolk University School of Law said the plot line in a recent final exam “kinda fell flat and lacked narrative heft, especially after such a strong opening.” Other students who took the exam in Professor T. Arthur Wilson’s Introductory Property Law class had similar reactions, leading to disappointment from law school administrators who had invested heavily in the exam, expecting a fall blockbuster for the school.

“The writing was good, stellar at times,” said Tamara Crawford, a 1L. “But after the first paragraph—with high sea pirates confiscating Blackacre’s mobile home and taking it out to sea—the plot kind of fizzled. I mean, I really got into the whole manufactured home leasehold issue and piracy, sort of Pacific Heights meets Pirates of the Caribbean. It was fresh. But when the joint Swiss bank account fiasco got introduced and those dwarf slaves asserted a tenancy to the mobile home’s land, it got a little far-fetched.”

“I gave it two stars, and that’s being generous,” said another first-year student, who asked to remain anonymous. “Weak story, weak characters, not enough blood and gore if you ask me. Immortals was much better.”

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